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Below are samples of work and assets created for a variety of different clients

including marketing and promotional materials, logos, web design, custom artwork and more.


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When creating their logo, I wanted it to remain similar to their previous one only a more sleek and updated version. The image of the lantern is the visual representation of their name, La Bombilla.  



Work completed for Churros La Bombilla, a churreria in the heart of Guadalajara Jal. Mexico.  I re-designed their existing logo as a part of their branding efforts and created a new website which will work in conjunction with a new Facebook page to establish a stronger web presence. To learn more about Churros La Bombilla visit their new website.



For Churros La Bombilla I decided to build their website from the ground up, and focused on projecting an appropriate image for the business. The site has a vintage quality to reinforce the longevity of the restaurant and I made sure to emphasize their history and menu.  The site is fully functioning and can be toggled between English and Spanish. All site elements including copy, photographs, and graphics were done by me.



As an ongoing service, I regularly create social media graphics and assets for special promotions and holidays. 


Work completed in 2015 for the New York based Element Music event company. I was tasked with upgrading their logo and designing new business cards for the company employees.   



I regularly create promotional web and social media banners and graphics for both drop zones. While the specials and information are generally the same between the to sites, I always ensure that the look is in line with the separate brands.  


Work completed for Long Island Skydiving Center and Skydive South Shore as a part of their re-branding efforts and increased emphasis on promotion and social media. 



In addition to digital assets, I have also created print ads and promotional posters as point of sale advertising for the drop zones' various photo and video packages..  



I was tasked with creating a new T-shirt design for sale at the Skydive South Shore drop zone. I collaborated closely with the SSS team in order to create a simple yet bold image for their new shirts. 


As an ongoing service, I regularly create social media graphics and assets for special promotions and holidays.


Work completed in 2012 for artists in association with Whitesmith Entertainment management company. Promotional materials were created for artists Sydney Wayser and Eric Burdon for use in their respective social media campaigns. 


Sydney Wayser: Download Card
Promotional download card design for the release of her album, Bell Choir Coast

Eric Burdon: Facebook Banner
Promotional banner created for display on Eric Burdon's Facebook page
Sydney Wayser: YouTube
Background design for artist, Sydney Wayser's YouTube Page
(Prior to YouTube's redesign)

Eric Burdon: YouTube
Background design for Eric Burdon's YouTube Page

(Prior to YouTube's redesign)